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About Us

We are Tera Journal, and we believe that the future is sustainable.

"Not as bad" is not good enough.

The Tera Journal is a community for those of us who have had enough with society's endless need to consume more at a cost to the environment. The future of our world is sustainable, and every item we purchase informs the next generation of citizens on what is acceptable.

The longer we stand idly by and allow big business to rule the state of our oceans, mountains, forests and streams, the less this world will look like the one we have always called home.

If you're like us and believe that the things we consume in this world can be made more sustainably, then welcome home. We curate a running list of original content, videos, products and services for our community that help you contribute to a more sustainable future.

This world is ours for protecting. Will you join us in the fight? 

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