Aug 2, 2019
Food & Drink

Able Brewing Kone


ake up, zombie-like, and in your dreamy stupor, make your way to the kitchen. Boil the kettle, listen for the whistle, and then wait for the magic... the deep, aromatic scent of a single-origin Ethiopian rises up from the cup as you bloom the grounds and wait for your favorite drink of the day to finish brewing.

Sadly, this scenario isn't one that most of the world experiences every day. A recent study found that single-serve coffee machines such as the Keurig, which are wasteful and pollute the planet, are the second most popular brewing system after traditional drip machines. While one of the major problems with these coffee brewing machines is the material they are made from and the manufacturing process with which they are created, that's only half the issue.

The amount of dirty, smelly, wasted coffee pods currently sent to land fill could wrap around the earth a whopping 10 times! Imagine all those coffee pods piling up in your favorite lake or on your most precious hiking trail. That's where the Able Brewing Kone shines. Designed specifically for pour over brewing systems and compatible with the Chemex 6, 8 and 10 cup and Hario V60 02 and 03, the Able Kone offers a reusable option for brewing your morning cup that tastes better than a Keurig cup and is more environmentally friendly.

The Able Brewing Kone also helps to filter nasty tastes from water while respecting the delicious, complex oils which make your morning brew so delicious. Better taste + less waste? Sign us up.

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