Jul 30, 2019
Tera TV

Adidas Futurecraft.Loop


he high-performance sneaker industry hasn't always had the best reputation for environmental practices. From dirty production using virgin leather and polyester, to the horrid working conditions of sweatshops through Asia, most shoes manufactured today have a serious sustainability problem. That's not to mention the incredible WASTE that occurs when shoes aren't recycled properly, taking them off your feet and instead polluting beautiful, tropical beaches and waterways with their toxic qualities. One of the biggest problems with the shoes themselves is that they're made of so many components and materials that traditional recycling plants simply can't efficiently recycle them. With Futurecraft.Loop, Adidas is aiming to change that by introducing a new way to consume, recycle, and reconsume footwear. The Futurecraft.Loop is "the first running shoe that is made to be remade." Adidas uses just ONE material and no glue to achieve this. Once the running shoes have finished their life being trod on by your smelly feet, they are returned to the Adidas factory, washed, and ground into a pelletized material that will be used to remake the product again, and again, and again. The Futurecraft.Loop sneaker unloclks a brand-new era of sustainable, eco-conscious fashion for a growing world - one that you can feel confident in purchasing.