Oct 11, 2019
Tera TV

Audi AI: Trail Quattro


s we charge towards a future free of fossil-fuel powered vehicles, we're beginning to see a specialization of vehicles away from the standard road-only vehicle. Companies like Rivian, and now, Audi, are developing vehicles capable of on and off-road driving to meet the demands of adventurers wanting to connect more with nature and spend time in the great outdoors.

Some projections for the future of personal transport by thought leaders such as Elon Musk present as owning vehicles simply for recreation outside of the urban core. With that in mind, these adventure-ready EVs are ready to fill the niche.

The latest in the lineup? Audi's AI: Trail Quattro Concept.

Four electric motors bring quiet, emissions-free driving, wraparound visibility gives you panoramic views of the surrounding nature, and autonomous flying drone lighting allows you to explore into all hours of the night in any terrain, free of worry.

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