Aug 16, 2019
Food & Drink

Beyond Meat: Alt Bacon & Steak is Coming Soon


izzle. Fry. Pop.

You know the taste. You know the smell.

And you probably know that the industry surrounding it is responsible for over half of global carbon emissions, making the planet you're standing on a tiny bit warmer every single day. But how can you resist delicious, juicy meat, right? The sizzle of a smoky strip of bacon is enough to send even the most devout vegan into a frenzy as they try to stop their mouth from salivating.

At Beyond Meat, they see - and smell - the appeal, and they're playing the grill game. With a lineup of eater approved alternative meats, such as the deliciously smoky, bleedy Beyond Burger, and their range of plant based beef and sausage products, Beyond Meat is now turning their sights towards two long time American staples: Bacon and Steak.

By creating these alternative meats, Beyond Meat is hoping to achieve two things - one, reduce our dependence on animal agriculture, and two, provide a healthier alternative to meat. With global warming an increasing issue and diet related illness consistently on the rise from poor eating habits, this mission does double good. With these plant based alternatives, you can make healthy choices for yourself and the planet.

The plant based meat market is projected to reach a whopping 27.9 Billion dollars by 2025, and although the company hasn't officially announced a launch date for the products, we're sure that their foray in to these new meats will be just as delectable as the ones they have already produced and have had incredible success with.

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