Aug 14, 2019
Food & Drink

Meet Mankai, The Newest Sustainable Superfood


reen, gritty, and packed full of delicious, soul-nourshing nutrients, Mankai Duckweed, which is originally cultivated in South East Asia, is an ultra-sustainable, ultra-nutritious superfood that has been cultivated for hundreds of years. Now, using a new marriage of sustainable agriculture and technology, Mankai is going beyond South East Asia to reach the rest of the world's taste buds - including yours.

It's good timing, too - current projections estimate a world population of roughly 10 billion people by year 2050, and keeping those people well fed with access to nutrition at a sustainable level will be more difficult than ever before, with the potential for war-like conditions over food shortages not out of the question.

Mankai is a superfood that uses little light or water, has no waste, and can be grown abundantly anywhere in the world with daily harvest. The benefits continue - it's also low in sodium, has high amounts of fiber, has as much protein as a delicious medium sized egg and 9 times more iron than Kale, and also contains considerable levels of Vitamin B12 (which is rarely found in vegetables).

With so many incredible components, Mankai has the ability to deliver adequate nutrition and amazing taste around the world, with little impact on the environment. Bonus points if you follow a plant based diet, too - you can get loads of nutrition from Mankai and not have to worry about consuming any unsustainable animal products again.

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