Aug 2, 2019
Tera TV

Gravitricity Long Life Energy Storage


ne of the biggest issues facing renewable energy is excess energy storage. Renewable energy generation fluctuates throughout the day, with extra energy generated during times of low demand, and not enough energy created (or stored) during times of high demand. Various solutions exist currently or are in development, such as molten salt tanks at concentrated solar plants or high-capacity batteries made by companies like Tesla, however, these options have only scratched the surface of what's possible.

That’s where the Gravitricity comes in. Although still in the conceptual phase, Gravitricity's gravity-harnessing systems looks to be a promising development in the storage and distribution of renewable energy, with the ability to power as many as 13,000 homes for two hours from a typical system. Development is currently underway, with systems planned in South Africa, Australia, as well as Europe.