Jul 31, 2019

Holland Desk by Joybird


unched over a crappy cafe table, your body is being done absolutely no favors while you polish off your latest project from the gleaming light of your laptop. There's no doubt that a good desk in your office can alleviate these woes, but unfortunately, many of the desks made today are contributing to an accelerated rate of deforestation around the globe.

Desks, beds, couches, tables, and more are estimated to be responsible for an incredible 380,000 hectares of deforestation around the world every single year. How big is that? That's basically the entire state of Delaware lost every year and not being replaced. Joybird's mission is simple: plant more trees than are used to manufacture the product you buy. The Holland Desk by Joybird is one of those products.

With Mid-Century style, built in drawer space, and a 365-day home trial standard with every purchase, you can rest easy knowing you're getting work done on a desk that's good for you and the environment at the same time.

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