Aug 4, 2019

Indosole ESSNTLS Slides


egan + waterproof + responsibly made. Those aren't 3 adjectives you'd find in the description of most products you can purchase.... and especially not with footwear. However, this is exactly what Indosole has done with their line of eco-conscious footwear. Picture this scene: nearly 1.5 BILLION tires are sent to waste collection each year, and most are not responsibly recycled, being burnt, thrown into the ocean and suffocating wildlife and more. You can nearly smell the acrid fumes burning your nostrils.

Because it is nearly impossible for tires to decompose in a natural way, Indosole believed in a better approach: turn used tires into new footwear that you can enjoy on a sun-soaked beach, in the crisp airplane cabin, or cozied up by the fire at home. Intercepting these wasted tires before they arrive at the landfill, Indsole's artisans tirelessly repurpose the used rubber into a gleaming new shoe, along with other natural materials such as soft, organic canvas, banana leaves, and strong, resilient grass. 

The ESSNTLS slide offers an environmentally friendly alternative to your next pair of slides, and as a certified B Corp, you can trust that your hard-earned money is supporting a better, more beautiful, more natural world.

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