Aug 16, 2019

LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottle


t's been 3 days out on the trail, and the last drop of bottled water you brought on your trip was just guzzled down by your hammock-hogging backpacking-mate. The harsh summer sun is beating down while you begin to pack up camp, as you yearn for just one more sip of satisfying hydration... and then you remember - you don't need the single-use water bottles anymore... you have LARQ.

LARQ is a brand-new reusable water bottle that allows you to have clean water anytime, anywhere. In adventure mode, LARQ can actively destroy 99.9999% of harmful, odor-causing bacteria using UV-C light. This makes LARQ a perfect companion for camping, hiking, the back of the car or the bottom of your gym bag. If you've ever opened up your reusable water bottle to the pungent odor of bacteria (we all have), then you know how good it feels to have a clean, non-smelly bottle to drink from.

With LARQ, you no longer have to worry about clean water on the trail or in your day-to-day life. The bottle utilizes an active UV-C light, "scanning" the bottle every two hours (kind of like the fish-tank cleaner from Finding Nemo), to destroy bacteria before it has a chance to multiply and create the conditions that cause foul odors and harmful germs.

LARQ is also a 1% for the Planet member, so you know that when you purchase a bottle from them, you're giving back to the very planet you're drinking water from, and that tastes really, really good.

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