Oct 8, 2019

Net Zero Home

The way most homes are built today isn’t healthy for the environment. While modern construction methods fulfill their role in protecting the inhabitants of their dwelling from the elements, there is a glaring essential component missing from their design - long term sustainability.

Instead of working alongside nature to produce both a safe and environmentally friendly dwelling, most modern build works against nature, attempting to overcome and subdue it.

Conventional building materials and building styles have progressed from natural elements to elements that are more effective at sheltering us. However, it has come at a cost. This is the modern issue we face with most sustainability problems. Nature isn't something to overcome - it's something to work with.

At scale, the modern building elements and methods we use such as asphalt roofing, refrigeration and conventional driveway and road building to connect homes and cities pushes against the nature of our planet, and rapidly increases greenhouse gas emissions and the warming of the Earth.

That's where the Net Zero (NZ) Home steps in. The Net Zero home is the answer to the City of Phoenix's Sustainable Home Design Competition. The winning concept and accompanying plans, created by Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects, can be downloaded for free.

The build features incredible advances in sustainable home building technology, including Photovoltaic Panels, Solar Chimney, Solar Collector for water heating, and advanced insulation techniques.

Best news? Plans are free, and the estimated build cost is only $344,000.

Download the Plans Here / City of Phoenix