Jul 31, 2019
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our favorite glass of sweet and bubbly Rosé is harming the planet more than you might have thought. Now, not all wines are created equal -- this much we know. Two-buck Chuck has nothing on a vintage glass of Cheval Blanc 1947. But there's a second part to this equation: not all wines have the same environmental impact, and some are way worse than others.

With the ever-increasing demand for animal products, we're seeing an unprecedented weight placed on the environment. Many of the wines you enjoy today while overlooking a beautiful sunset with loved ones actually use disgusting animal products such as gelatin and fish bladders to clarify the wine. And although it defies conventional ideology, there are ways to create products that use only plants and natural materials from the earth, while retaining taste and nutrition. Without animal products, we take the weight off of the environment and subsequently reduce demand.

Why not choose vegan, especially if it tastes the same or even better? That's where veganwines.com comes in - by shopping their site, you know you're doing good for the planet and reducing harm for animals and the environment.

Red wine never tasted so sweet.

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